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   IT IS VERY SAD THAT WE HAVE TO SEE WHAT HAS OCCURRED TO DIANE VANITA OF SHIHTZU PALACE, SHERIDAN SHIHTZU AND ALL OF THE OTHER NAMES SHE HAS USED, diane had ONE of our show dogs but when we saw that she couldn't even keep his hair brushed we refused to EVER let her have another one, even thou she lived 15 miles from us,(EULA TEXAS) and begged us for more, we refused... We have had numerous calls text and emails from people out of state with concern this is US, we have very few babies at this time, and as any FACTORY would do - we plan each litter (merchandise) carefully and never produce more than we can handle... and never keep more than we can care for properly!!! we have been the "shihtzu factory" since way before puppy mills and hoarders ever got started - we refused to change our cute name because of what others THOUGHT, it is on everything we have from contracts, business cards, bags, pens to credit cards...                                  
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 EMAIL..    shihtzufactory@hotmail.com

all puppies come with a written health guarantee,  (see bill of sale tab for more info) all of our babies are up to date on all vaccines, wormed on schedule, we have several bloodlines and sizes available...we specialize in the tiny ones..and the rare colors.
all of our babies are born inside and stay inside with us 24/7..they are part of our family, .they are well socialized and paper trained according to their age
we are not available from sundown friday night until after sundown on saturday night for rest and time with our family and heavenly Father...
we show our little dogs, even though they are well below the standard in size, we show for fun, and for the tiny comformation, very few of our grown dogs will make the 9 lb min. for the show standard...we are not trying to raise CHAMPION dogs, but the tiny ones are just as beautiful and easier to hold, love and care for...perfect lap puppies!!
we go to show that the little ones have just as good confirmation as the bigger ones, are well proportioned and have fun with others... some day we hope the AKC will have a separate group for the smaller shihtzus...
WE ARE HOBBY BREEDERS / SHOW  WITH THE AKC, we go through several puppies to find the perfect one that might be right for the shows, however, as these mature they may not be perfect for show ring and are placed as loving pets in homes, we do not restrict them from breeding, but tell you honestly what we found not desirable in them for what we are trying to accomplish...   We paper train with confinement but never in a cage.  Send us a text or email if you have any questions or concerns.. someone is here 24/7