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       ALL PUPPIES ON THIS PAGE ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION..  (AS WE RECEIVED DEPOSITS WE PLACE "HOLD" BY THEIR NAMES with new owners name listed with that puppy) you can use deposit button below:

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above at 4 months to first show at 8 months: ...ritzy took best of breed in the lubbock show and got her 1st akc point and best of breed in san angelo at 9 months for another 2 points..she is doing well for a puppy
 9-18 LBS, VERY FEW OF OURS REACH THE STANDARD ON THE LOW SIDE, we show for fun, and the love of the breed, not to make CH. which are usually the larger shihtzus, but most of our clientel come to us because they love the smaller size and the flatter face..we spend many hours training, grooming and just loving on our dogs/puppies...we are committed to healthy loving babies...     we have downsized these over the last 19 years, not breeding the runts to the runts...if you are wanting the tiny ones make sure they come from tiny stock over the years, not just the runt or an unhealthy one..    
we use a very good zoom lens on these puppies, to show detail, but it also makes them appear much larger than they really are!!!  ALL CHOCOLATE PUPPIES WILL HAVE BROWN NOSES AND GREEN OR GOLD EYES, AND ALL OF OURS DO!!!!!

 shipping is available via pet nanny (inside cabin with her) to most airports... $350. 
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WADI WATIER DAD TO NEW BABIES. (TWO NEW ONES COMING SOON!!!)..short legs and body with flat smooshie face!! so sweet as all of his babies are too..
below: PUDDLES AND CAPTURE MY HEART have new babies born nov. 25th, these little guys have every shihtzu color in their pedigree..  from white chocolates to blues and blue creams, whites, blacks, , chocolates and black & white..  PUDDLES (their mom ) is black and white with cream mom and liver dad, she is 8 pounds, and as calm as they come.. dad is the solid orange chocolate with the green eyes and brown nose..he is 6 pounds...    
OLAF:   this is a shihtzu of a different natural..... WHITE CHOCOLATE, LIVER NOSE, LIGHT EYES, GORGEOUS LITTLE GUY WITH PERSONALITY TO BOOT...  HE IS LISTED AT $900 WITH THE CKC REGISTRATION this guy is a favorite so he is PRE-SPOILED AND A LITTLE TOOT...  as olaf matures he has turned into a prapso, we have only seen two of these in all of our years of showing and breeding, they call them the NO GROOM SHIHTZU, because the hair on the face and muzzle does not get any longer and the hair on the  legs will not be long, they are more like the Pekinese and easier keepers, so those who do not like to groom daily, olaf would be perfect..  prapsos have the little pouty face but this one is white chocolate and knocked out gorgeous, he is pad trained and loves being and only child!!!! (but is good with children)  
WE HAVE A FEW OTHERS THAT WE WILL BE POSTING IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS, WE DONT LIKE TO GIVE SHOTS AND BATHS ON THE SAME DAY,   so more are almost ready..  (my oldest daughter in Austin just had her first litter, she has the solid chocolate female and breed her to wadi musa  (chocolate and white male) the sire to many of our show dogs..  so for those of you closer to Austin you can visit her and see her babies)  email or text us and we will give you her info
this is a dark chocolate boy from our white chocolate mom (8 pounds) and our chocolate and white little male (6 pounds)...he is listed at $800 with the ckc registration (but akc is available for an additional fee) he is a sweet little guy .. BORN DEC 9TH, HAS HAD HIS FIRST SHOTS AND DOING WELL WITH WEANING.... 
CALLEIGH: dark chocolate baby girl -- brown nose and green eyes, she is a real sweetheart,   she is listed at 1500 with the ckc registration but akc is available at an additional fee...she is charting to be around 7-9 pounds...  she's adorable....CALLEIGH has the slight umbilical spot that has not completely closed up yet.. calleigh has a sister that is not as dark as she is and has a lot of red in her chocolate hair, she will be listed at 1200 with the ckc registration...
2 weeks later......bright green eyes, and thick hair.
JAZZY!!!  : this little boy is as sweet as can be, 
TINY TUCKER, BORN ON DEC. 14, to roly poly and wadi musa.. has had his 6 week shots, and will be ready shortly, he is weaning now, and eating well, he is using his potty pads, and doing well with everything for his age..  HE WILL MAKE SOMEONE A VERY SPECIAL VALENTINE..  THE PERFECT CHOCOLATE....  he will be offered at 1,200 with the ckc registration but AKC  is available with an addional fee
tucker has the flat smooshie face, and the short body and short little legs, he has the light green eyes and tiny chocolate brown nose, he also has the very thick fluffy hair that wadi musa's babies are all known for..  he is the sire to many of our show dogs...  tucker is a very sweet boy with the perfect markings and the dark chocolate and white...  
THIS IS "SUNDANCE",  she is a tiny ball of energy, no bigger than a minute, but full of spunk, she is the color of a palomino horse...  with jet black eyes, and tiny coal black nose, she has the dark rims around her eyes, and very thick fluffy hair, she will be offered at $2,500 and is worth every cent of it..  she is as precious as they come with no flaws or imperfections..  she is really that cute, and she knows it..  this is one tiny baby with the very flat face and sweetest personality...  she is projected to weigh 5 pounds..
TUCKER is a little afraid doing his first photos and first time away from mom and littermates..  he is getting more spunky each day...  beautiful brown nose and pretty green eyes....
these next babies are just now coming up on 8 weeks, they are weaning well and using their potty pads, they were born to sneebos and wadi musa..  BORN ON CHRISTMAS DAY, playing and running around like they own the place, all are prissy and very confident.. hair is just starting to fill out, but they will be very thick fluffy hair, as both parents have
red valentine is listed with the ckc registration at 1000, he is the smallest of the litter and has the personality plus, he prances everywhere he goes and is the ring leader into the toybox..  he is adorable and eager to please...  
next we have little tweets, he is the tri-color and a tad bigger than the rest of the litter, he is a real sweetheart and has already got the thick fluff hair going on, he is going to be about 9 pounds and is as sweet as they come..  he is a wonderful little guy and loves kids and other pets..  he is listed at 900. with the ckc registration but akc is available at additional fee..   he is pre spoiled and loves to play..
lil tweets has the short little legs and short cobby body with flat little face.  he is a cute one...mild and calm...
there is one more boy that we have not photographed yet, his bite is not perfect, so we will be offering him at a lower price, (probably around 600) he is just as beautiful as his brothers, just not as perfect.. photos to follow....he is more black than little tweets..(above)
this is COLLETTE,  she was born on Christmas day and is a very special package, she is a very sweet girl, and prances every where she goes, she is a snuggle bug and loves everything..  her hair is thick and very fluffy, her dad is a deep dark chocolate and white 6 pounds, and her mom is the red and white like her brother, she is super sweet and doing well with everything, from setting up to potty training..  she is adorable..  she is ckc registered at 1200 but can be akc for an additional fee..