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       ALL PUPPIES ON THIS PAGE ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION..  (AS WE RECEIVED DEPOSITS WE PLACE "HOLD" BY THEIR NAMES with new owners name listed with that puppy) you can use deposit button below:

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 9-18 LBS, VERY FEW OF OURS REACH THE STANDARD ON THE LOW SIDE, we show for fun, and the love of the breed, not to make CH. which are usually the larger shihtzus, but most of our clientel come to us because they love the smaller size and the flatter face..we spend many hours training, grooming and just loving on our dogs/puppies...we are committed to healthy loving babies...     we have downsized these over the last 19 years, not breeding the runts to the runts...if you are wanting to breed  the tiny ones make sure they come from tiny stock over the years, not just the runt or an unhealthy one..    
we use a very good zoom lens on these puppies, to show detail, but it also makes them appear much larger than they really are!!!  ALL CHOCOLATE PUPPIES WILL HAVE BROWN NOSES AND GREEN OR GOLD EYES, AND ALL OF OURS DO!!!!!

 shipping is available via pet nanny (inside cabin with her) when she is available, (she charges $400-$450 depending where you are located )   others are shipped via united petsafe .. cost is $350 ($400. if old enough for a rabies shot!) which includes their shipping crate, their health certificate and 3-1/2 hour trip to dallas or 4-1/2 hours to Austin (which ever has the most direct flights for them) we donate our time and gas to get them to airports...  usually takes us ALL DAY,  there and back....
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contrary to what most have been told, the boys do NOT do the hikey thing or the humpy thing that is so common in most breeds, the shihtzu if not used for breeding purposes, are the most loving and dosal of any breed, they are also very intelligent and the boys are more eager to please than most of the girls are...  if I could only have one .... IT WOULD BE A BOY... VERY LOYAL AND LOVING!!! most who have been undecided have been very pleased with the little boys...  this time we were blessed with more boys than girls and all of them are perfectly marked and with great confirmation and personalities..
BORN MARCH 2ND....   dad is FUDGE our tiny solid chocolate boy,(5 POUNDS,  and mom is SPINNER  our tiny solid chocolate mom.. 6  POUNDS,.  she is small and only has 1 or two babies...  this time one boy and one girl..  they both have the small smoochie face (like the Persian cats do) he have light green eyes and tiny brown noses...  he is listed with the full akc registration with no restrictions for 2500      this boy  has the perfect face and hair,  he has a umbilical hernia from being born breach, it may or may not go away as he matures, but is not a health issue, and an easy fix..(very common in this breed)...
,THIS IS CLIPPER  (sold to adam), & HE NEVER HOLDS STILL FOR PHOTOS, he flips one side then the other...  very hard to photograph him.. but he is so darn cute, he gets away with it.....  he is a bit smaller than his sister below..  mom is 6 pounds and solid chocolate and dad is 5 pound fudge..  very dark solid..  this little guy has a little white on his chest and toes of front feet are white..  bright green eyes and tiny brown button nose..  ----  both are listed at 2500 with unlimited AKC 
this is ms. mocha, she is the dark chocolate with only a tiny spring of white on her chest.. she has the slightly lighter cream around her lips, hard to photograph.....  she was born on june 9th and has the chocolate nose and the light green eyes, her mom is our white chocolate  8 pounds, and her dad is musa our dark chocolate and white 6 lbs 
mocha is listed with the ckc registration at $1500. but akc is available for an additional fee...  she is small boned and weighs 3.5 pounds at 12 weeks
 the next one is GRETA...  SHE IS A DIVA DOG, she has to be pampered...  she is  FROM BLESSED ACERS AND WADI WATIER...
 ms gretas was born 6/18/2016 ..... this one is adorable, she has the fattest, flattest face and so precious, she reminds me of a miniature st. Bernard, she has the high lighted eye brows, and just knows she is the cutest thing around.... she is listed at 1500 with the ckc and akc is available for an additional fee.. more info as she matures a little..  this little one has lots of promise but is not going to be tiny like most of ours..would be a perfect show prospect for those who love the chocolates...she is getting lighter as she matures but that just makes her eyes that much more out standing..  a very pretty girl, calm and loving..
such thick and fluffy hair, already has a deep thick coat.
THIS ONE IS AWESOME!!!definitely will be the show quality and meet the weight standard..  charting to be 10+ pounds.. adorable and sassy
flat little smooshie face and tiny little brown button nose, but not pinched nostrils ..MS GRETA is short legs short stocky body and very thick fluffy hair, she knows she is cute and prances every where she goes... never met a stranger... kind of a diva dog and can get her sas on...  I don't want to say she is spoiled but she is very close...
this is  JORDAN  - shoco and fudges baby boy, he was born on june 10th, he is charting to be 5- 6 pounds,  he has the bright green eyes and the dark chocolate nose, he has the flat face and the short legs and compact body, his hair is dark and very fluffy... he is sweet and adorable,  he will be listed with the ckc registration at 2,000 but akc is available for an additional fee,  this is one of the boys  that I think will look very much like clipper as he matures a little ( below ).. haven't found any faults with this one yet... the nostrils are open and no hernias of any kind ..hes a living doll...personality plus..
wadi watier dad to GRETA  (ABOVE)
this is shocos boy, " JORDAN"   
 the top three photos are him, (in red)  more as he matures a bit...  he was born on june 10th  the tiny ones just take longer to mature and to safely be placed in another home...he is doing very well and very well adjusted..  he seems ready for just about anything...  very happy little guy, staying dark chocolate and almost 12 weeks old

mocha has the flat little face and the pouchie little lips, she is a little doll, should be about 7-8 pounds when she is grown.. she is staying dark and also small...  she has finished her whole series of puppy vaccines and is a very sweet girl..
BELOW IS  "EBONY & IVORY "     EBONY is a  little solid black girl, she was born july 6th and is doing great-- she is the only black one that we have had in a long time, she is listed with the ckc registration at 1500, akc is available at an additional fee
 she is  perfect so far -she is a little doll but will probably be closer to 9 pounds.  she is the biggest one of the litter. (BUT she carries for the tiny ones and also the chocolate and the white chocolates like her sisters...).. but she is not huge like  ms greta..above
she is a little sweetheart, loving and playful... her mom is solid black and her dad is the orange chocolate.. so she has all colors in her background for those wanting to breed, no hernias and bite is good, nice straight topline... so far she is doing great...
such a flat little face!!!  passes on to his babies  
this little white chocolate girl    ''IVORY", the white chocolate is the hardest color for us to produce..  we dont get many at all and she came from our solid black mom..(but her grandmother was white chocolate.   she has the bright green eyes and the little chocolate nose, feet pads, and lips.....she is a very sweet girl and has a black mother 9 pounds,  and an orange chocolate dad 6 pounds ... she is going to be around 8 pounds when grown.. she is listed with the ckc registration for 1500 but akc is available for an additional fee..  
the chocolate nose and the light green eyes show up well with the white hair..shes a little cutie..sassy but cute.
a typical FUDGE BABY!!!
THIS IS HARLEY... he just turned 9 weeks and is staying very small.....  he was born july 6 ... these are his 9 week photos..  he is staying dark chocolate too.   his baby pictures are below, we are trying to update the computer but it is slow going today..  he is listed at 1500 with the ckc registration but akc is available for additional fee..  
above ivory is 5-6 weeks, and below she is almost 9 weeks...  this is one  sweet little diva dog, she thinks she is so much cuter than her sister (ebony) and just prances around her and takes all of the toys..  its like she walks in little high heals   she is a cutie....
updated photos of greta....  very close up to see her charm and beauty..
below are her baby photos....
its the lighting, he is dark chocolate....
.this is SNICKERS, he was born on july 11, he is the dark chocolate  (yes another fudge baby) snickers is sweet and laid back, but still has the touch of pinched nostrils   (We have lowered his price because he has the slight snort) ....he has a very tiny dark chocolate nose   he is adorable.....he is listed with the ckc registration at 1200 ...akc is available for an additional fee...  he is well adjusted and eager to please..  staying very dark chocolate...this is a very good pup from a great line of tinies, so he should stay small and dark....
he has beautiful green sparkling eyes...  and thick thick dark chocolate coat..  short little legs and nice proportion body..