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 9-18 LBS, VERY FEW OF OURS REACH THE STANDARD ON THE LOW SIDE, we show for fun, and the love of the breed, not to make CH. which are usually the larger shihtzus, but most of our clientel come to us because they love the smaller size and the flatter face..  we spend many hours training, grooming and just loving on our dogs/puppies...we are committed to healthy loving babies... no puppy is perfect so we try to tell you honestly what we know about them before you make your decision on your next companion...      

contrary to what most have been told, the boys do NOT do the hikey thing or the humpy thing that is so common in most breeds, the shihtzu if not used for breeding purposes, are the most loving and dosal of any breed, they are also very intelligent and the boys are more eager to please than most of the girls are...  if I could only have one .... IT WOULD BE A BOY... VERY LOYAL AND LOVING!!!   most who have been undecided have been very pleased with the little boys... both boys and girls are very loving and boys wear bows just like the girls do.....  we have never had anybody call back and say they wished they had a different sex after taking a boy... but many have called back for another boy... they are just that sweet...
this is CARAMEL MACCHIATO (we call her carmey) she is the smallest one of the litter--- she is a very loving little girl, she has the sparkling green eyes and the tiny brown button nose,..carmey is a sassy little thing, she is 4 pounds at almost 6 months....  lots of personality... her hair is thin and does not have the double coat that all of our others have... she reminds me of a yorkie with her hair color and texture, just with the shihtzu personality    she is listed at $800 with the ckc registration  akc is available with additional fee.  we feel she is too tiny to breed but others may have tiny male not related to her.  she is a very loving and spunky little girl... carmey does have the umbilical hernia that our vet would fix when he spays her but we also realize others may not want her spayed, so it isn't done yet and we lowered her price accordingly  
this is a dark chocolate (fudge boy) we call him eli "jaxon" --( born 5/13)  ON HOLD out on trial 
 he and Michael kors  are the closest things to  little ewoks that we have right now....  he has the very thick fluffy hair, (takes a long time to dry) but he is gorgeous, quiet and loving..  he is listed at 2000 with the ckc registration but akc is available with additional fee  THE FIRST PHOTOS ARE HIS UPDATED ONES, THE OTHERS ARE HIS BABY PHOTOS, SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT HIS BABIES WILL LOOK LIKE, jaxon is out on trial to see if he fits with a family new to the shihtzu breed...  for those who don't know, their hair is a very time consuming factor.... leave a message and we will call you back if he doesn't work out at new home....
below is Miss Stash (mustache)    she is a very quiet loving little girl...  she is the dark chocolate and white and should be right at  7 pounds when grown...  she has no flaws that we can find, her nostrils are open not pinched slightly upturned nose, with a cute flat little face......she has  no hernia (umbilical or otherwise) and this is one we would retain to breed...  she just finished all of her series of vaccines, and is ready for just about anything...she is listed at 2500  and available as a pet or to a small in home breeder   (she has chocolate and white parti"s and solid chocolates in her lines)
below is ELI JAXON today after he has finished all of his shots and a little more training, he is an awesome and sweet loving guy... happy and eager to please, he is a true gentleman...  non barky, no bad habits

(if using the mobile app go to the bottom of the page and click on "classic"  they will then appear  with the correct info and photos - otherwise they will all run together and you cant tell who goes with which photo)   
​the first little boy is "TETO" he is on the navy blue and white, Teto is a dark chocolate and white with thick gorgeous hair, he was the runt of the litter and was bottle fed most of his life, he has no imperfections and is a dream puppy and loving companion, he has been going to the nursing home and doing therapy for the elderly, he is gentle,  loving,  and a very trusting little guy, he would be the perfect addition to anybody wanting a well rounded pet or somebody wanting to add the chocolate and chocolate and white to their lines (he carries for both solid and party)...he is listed with the ckc at 1800 or with the full akc for additional fee.. this guy is friendly and flawless, both solids liver and liver and whites in his lines...  
this solid chocolate boy is MICHAEL KORS, we took him to his first  akc dog show and he won best of opposite in his class...  he is a very sweet and obedient puppy, he has been going to the nursing homes and doing therapy work with the elderly, he would be an awesome pet, he loves one on one time.... he is an inside dog and never been outside other than to travel......   travels well but prefers short trips...  (his dog show was 3 hours away and he wasn't as happy as his shorter trips to nursing homes as therapy dog)  Michael is listed with the ckc registration at $1000, with no restrictions,  akc is available for additional fee.  he is non barking and a very sweet companion...Michael has one testicle that goes up and down but was down for his show so was not disqualified but it does move.but this is the reason we quit showing him, too much work on the chance it will be up that day...... vet was not concerned on such a young age.. he is very personable and loving fluffy guy....he would be perfect for a teenage girl,  he is a loyal little lover...
mk is very attentive and eager to please
below is our light chocolate and white baby boy, we call him rusty, he is  loving and sweet, rusty has the short body and short legs, the sweetest flat little smooshie face, he will be offered as a pet with ckc registration (no restrictions) at 1500, akc is available for additional fee., he is well mannered and loving little guy.. green eyes and tiny brown liver nose ..  pretty adorable little guy...this is my favorite of the whole bunch... so,  he is prespoiled and a real cuddle bunny...he is the smallest one of the litter, and the most trusting and first to do everything...
the guy below is our PANDA CHOCOLATE CHIP, he looks like a chocolate tiny st. Bernard..  he is precious with his big green eyes and tiny brown nose, he is a sweet and loving guy with the thickest fluffy coat, he has the very flat smooshie face, and short legs and body, he is the dark chocolate but we had to put lights on him to get his eyes to show up because his face is dark, so he appears more red than dark chocolate but he is the color of a Hershey bar..  he is listed with the ckc registration at 1,000 but akc is available for an additional fee.. his adoption fee is sure to go up as we put more work and training into him...  
hair without bow to see his markings better!
baby photo
TO CLARIFY, WE ARE NOT IN EULA TEXAS AND HAVE VERY FEW DOGS/PUPPIES AT THIS TIME, we have been working on our shows and not our litters...see our home page for more clarification.