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 9-18 LBS, VERY FEW OF OURS REACH THE STANDARD ON THE LOW SIDE, we show for fun, and the love of the breed, not to make CH. which are usually the larger shihtzus, but most of our clientel come to us because they love the smaller size and the flatter face..  we spend many hours training, grooming and just loving on our dogs/puppies...we are committed to healthy loving babies... no puppy is perfect so we try to tell you honestly what we know about them before you make your decision on your next companion...      

contrary to what most have been told, the boys do NOT do the hikey thing or the humpy thing that is so common in most breeds, the shihtzu if not used for breeding purposes, are the most loving and dosal of any breed, they are also very intelligent and the boys are more eager to please than most of the girls are...  if I could only have one .... IT WOULD BE A BOY... VERY LOYAL AND LOVING!!!   most who have been undecided have been very pleased with the little boys... both boys and girls are very loving and boys wear bows just like the girls do.....  we have never had anybody call back and say they wished they had a different sex after taking a boy... but many have called back for another boy... they are just that sweet...
(if using the mobile app go to the bottom of the page and click on "classic"  they will then appear  with the correct info and photos - otherwise they will all run together and you cant tell who goes with which photo)   
this is our light chocolate girl, we call her jolie, she is a very outgoing and loving little girl, we are estimating that she will be 9-10 pounds when fully grown...she is listed with the ckc registration for 2500. but akc is available for an additional fee  THIS ONE IS A LITTLE DIVA...  She is very smart and learns everything very quickly but is sort of a brat....  pre spoiled would be a good term for her..  my daughter takes her back and forth to Austin and she mastered her stairs in about ten minutes...  
this first little guy listed we call him "SKIPPY"  (little skipper)  he is from our reeces pieces and sweet and sassys emoji ---skippy is dark chocolate with tiny liver nose (not pinched) with flat little smooshie face and bright green eyes..  he is charting to be 6.5 to 7 pounds...  he is sweet and a calm and loving little guy...   he is listed with the dual ckc/akc full  registration at 2500...  this is one that we would keep for future breeding... &  possible shows...he is adorable...
this little black guy is perfect,  we call him SEBASTIAN, BORN MAY 2, 2019   FLAWLESS
he is staying small and both of his parents were our show dogs, he is the non fading black with the tuxedo chest, he has finished all of his shots --  he is well mannered and a very quiet little guy, he looks big because his hair is thick and fluffy, he does have gorgeous hair...  he will be offered with the ckc registration at 1500 but akc is available at additional fee  
this little guy we call BENTLEY, he is dark chocolate  with a whisp of white on his chest and front feet... he was born on 7/24  .. he comes from one of our 9-10 pound moms but a tiny dark chocolate dad, (it is his first breeding so we don't have a lot of history on his size of babies yet)  we have him listed at 1500 with the ckc but akc is available for additional fee..
mom  "TEDDI" ...has the big fluffy double coat... gorgeous hair, ...and dad is "MCDREAMY"  BOTH HAVE SO MUCH HAIR, THICK DOUBLE COATS...
below we have NIKKI, she is a sassy little thing, she has the thick fluffy hair like both of her parents (listed below "teddy and mcdreamy" )  she was born on july 3,  she is sweet and very calm, adorable little girl,  she has a mostly white side and a chocolate and white side, but she does NOT look uneven or unsymmetrical, she is just precious..  her mom is 8 pounds and her dad is 6 --- she will be offered with the ckc registration at 1800.  akc is available at an additional fee..   we have other males not related to her for those who may want an unrelated pair... 
the first one we will list today is CESSNA,  she and her sister PIPER, fly through the house and they are both so tiny and as cute as they can be...both girls are dark chocolate and white...  we will be listing them at 2,000 each with the ckc but akc is available for additional fee.  a discount will be offered if they go together, because they are well bonded together..
this is LUCY with the purple and yellow bow, she will be listed at 1500 with the ckc registration or the akc is available for an additional fee.  she is very quiet and sweet little girl but will be closer to the 10 pound range as she matures, (not one of our tiny ones) she has very good fluffy thick hair, and is a very pretty girl...
this is the only boy in the litter, we call him RIKI he is dark chocolate and white and soft green eyes, cute little liver nose and is precious and loving..  he is charting to be 9-10 pounds and will be listed at 1000. with the ckc registration but akc is available for additional fee.
this little guy we call MINKY FAT TAIL, he was born on july 1, and is the rare orange chocolate, he has the liver brown nose and green eyes, he is small but very solid, he has the short coby body and the short legs, nice flat face, and a sweet little guy, he is kind of afraid of heights, but haven't found much else that he is afraid of.(except heights/even that little chair kind of scared him).   he is playful and gets along well with others,   he has had all of his puppy vaccines and nothing due until he is one year old.  he is very similar in color to jolie  (listed below) so you can see the color he will be when he is grown...  he is listed with the ckc registration at 1500 but akc is available for additional fee..  
this first little guy we call ROLO, he was born on 7/31... he is the dark chocolate with a little white on his chest and has the nice broad face , and thick gorgeous dark chocolate hair, he is calm and seems very eager to please,  he will be listed with the ckc registration for 1500. but akc is available for an additional fee.   we will list more photos as he matures a little..    
this little guy comes from spinner and fudge, two of our best little guys, he should be 7-8 pounds when grown, he was born on 8/1 and  he is the dark chocolate and sweetest personality...  he is very calm and laid back.    he is listed with the ckc registration at 1800 and akc is available for an additional fee..  
below we have CARMEY she is the sibling to heath in the red truck, she has the purple and yellow bow on and was born on 8/1....she will be listed with the ckc registration at 1800. but akc is available for additional fee.  she is quiet and seems to be charting at 7.5 pounds...she is the lighter chocolate than her brother but not as light as minky listed below...