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 9-18 LBS, VERY FEW OF OURS REACH THE STANDARD ON THE LOW SIDE, we show for fun, and the love of the breed, not to make CH. which are usually the larger shihtzus, but most of our clientel come to us because they love the smaller size and the flatter face..  we spend many hours training, grooming and just loving on our dogs/puppies...we are committed to healthy loving babies... no puppy is perfect so we try to tell you honestly what we know about them before you make your decision on your next companion...      

contrary to what most have been told, the boys do NOT do the hikey thing or the humpy thing that is so common in most breeds, the shihtzu if not used for breeding purposes, are the most loving and calm of any breed, they are also very intelligent and the boys are more eager to please than most of the girls are...  if I could only have one .... IT WOULD BE A BOY... VERY LOYAL AND LOVING!!!   most who have been undecided have been very pleased with the little boys... both boys and girls are very loving and boys wear bows just like the girls do.....  we have never had anybody call back and say they wished they had a different sex after taking a boy... but many have called back for another boy... they are just that sweet...
(if using the mobile app go to the bottom of the page and click on "classic"  they will then appear  with the correct info and photos - otherwise they will all run together and you cant tell who goes with which photo)   
this is our light chocolate girl, we call her jolie, she is a very outgoing and loving little girl, we are estimating that she will be 9-10 pounds when fully grown...she is listed with the ckc registration for 2500. but akc is available for an additional fee  THIS ONE IS A LITTLE DIVA...  She is very smart and learns everything very quickly but is sort of a brat....  pre spoiled would be a good term for her..  my daughter takes her back and forth to Austin and she mastered her stairs in about ten minutes 
UPDATE, JOLIE IS STAYING IN AUSTIN, my daughter has become very attached to her

this little white chocolate cream (liver nose and points) is about as adorable as they get,  we call her SASSY SANDY she was born on jan. 16, and weighs 3.2 pounds at 4 months, (she comes from our 5 pound dumplin' (liver and white) and our 6 pound solid chocolate dad...  she will be offered with akc registration for 4500. and she is worth every cent of it...  she is pre-spoiled and a sassy little thing...  we did not order her pedigree because my daughter wanted to keep her and didn't want her to be sold as a "breeder" but she is available (sort of--- if I can pry her out of my daughters arms), AND FULL AKC WILL BE GIVEN, we just don't recommend or guarantee that the little ones will breed...
under construction    bare with us....

we have a 9 month old chocolate and white girl that we had hoped would get big enough to breed, but she is not..she is 7 pounds (which is what her mom weighed, but we feel she is too small boned to breed, so we are offering her to a pet home...  she is prespoiled but would make someone a very nice one on one pet but we really dont want her to go to a breeding home...   she will be offered at 2500 as a precious pet.. she has had all of her shots and is now in a puppy cut for the summer...  she is sweet and calm, she is kind of a toy hoarder but she is really cute when she does it..  
this little girl below is our only female baby and is just starting to grow into her little face and grow some hair,  she is quiet and loving, and is the dark chocolate, but could lighten up if her hair is cut,  she is being offered at 3,000 with ckc but akc is available for additional fee..  she is unrelated to moki below...
it is really hot in texas and we have taken the summer off to remodel and get some things done at the ranch (like raising baby goats)... all of our dogs love fresh goat milk ---so its up to us to provide it for them.   anyway, we will resume breeding in august, and should have babies born by october... we have a few people on the waiting list for mabel turner look alikes...  we currently only have 2 babies around 12-14 weeks that we held back for our breeding program...  but we have one unrelated pair (or one girl and one boy)  we hope to get new photos after the holiday...  also, we are placing "BUBBLES"  she is 9 months and only got to be 7 pounds, so we prefer our girls to be 9 and our boys to be 6-7 pounds for breeding...  she is an extremely sweet and loving girl but we just dont want to risk c sections
this is MOKI, he is a  little chocolate and white fluff ball and is as sweet as they come, he is the deep dark chocolate and the light green eyes....  he is calm and loving but also playful, we have listed him at 2500 but not opposed to him staying here either..  he's pretty special...  he is charting to be 8.5 pounds     he is small but solid..  he is adorable but not fragil...cutest little monkey face...