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       ALL PUPPIES ON THIS PAGE ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION..  (AS WE RECEIVED DEPOSITS WE PLACE "HOLD" BY THEIR NAMES with new owners name listed with that puppy) you can use deposit button below:

 9-18 LBS, VERY FEW OF OURS REACH THE STANDARD ON THE LOW SIDE, we show for fun, and the love of the breed, not to make CH. which are usually the larger shihtzus, but most of our clientel come to us because they love the smaller size and the flatter face..we spend many hours training, grooming and just loving on our dogs/puppies...we are committed to healthy loving babies...       
we use a very good zoom lens on these puppies, to show detail, but it also makes them appear much larger than they really are!!!  ALL CHOCOLATE PUPPIES WILL HAVE BROWN NOSES AND GREEN OR GOLD EYES, AND ALL OF OURS DO!!!
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contrary to what most have been told, the boys do NOT do the hikey thing or the humpy thing that is so common in most breeds, the shihtzu if not used for breeding purposes, are the most loving and dosal of any breed, they are also very intelligent and the boys are more eager to please than most of the girls are...  if I could only have one .... IT WOULD BE A BOY... VERY LOYAL AND LOVING!!! most who have been undecided have been very pleased with the little boys... both boys and girls are very loving and boys wear bows just like the girls do.....  we have never had anybody call back and say they wished they had a different sex after taking a boy... but many have come back for another boy... they are just that sweet...
We can ship puppies to most major airlines, cost is 350 for one under 12 weeks and 400 for over 12 weeks...this is due to weight and airline regulations...2 can ship together for 400 this includes health certificate and shipping kennel... pet nanny is $450 for one and no crate and rides under her seat in her purse in cabin...  I prefer united petsafe- climate controlled and not with luggage, hand carried to planes in air conditioned vans, in their own crate from home,.. and united pet safe team update you and us on their website to track your pet!
these are AHAVA'S updated photos, she is 6 months in these photos --- she is calm and very loving.... is content lying on the bed or off in her own little world..  she is listed with no restrictions at 2500.... shipping is available to most major airports and the cost is 400 for shipping ... she is through all of her puppy shots and ready for just about anything...

this little chocolate boy (we call TURBO) he is a big fluffy, calm and loving fellow, he loves to be held and groomed and plays well with other pets and children, he is the dark chocolate color with the liver nose and points, he has one white foot and chest is also white, his coat is amazing..his soft green eyes are piercing. he is a beautiful pup, just bigger than most of ours, he will be listed at 1200 with ckc registration but akc is available for additional fee..he has no imperfections of any kind..
this is BENJAMIN, born 4/18   he will be offered at 800 ckc registration.. we had two blacks ones this time so offering one at a reduced rate.. benji is coal black and no imperfections -- gorgeous little guy.  (Black is a color that people either love or don't love, but benji is as good as they get for those who love the dark black!!)  We have to add black into our chocolates to make them non-fading....   we just lowered his price to find him a good home (preferably local ---but if shipping is needed it will be 450- we are over 3 hours from the airport & and its time consuming with the weather right now...)   solid black with thick beautiful hair..  .He is sweet and lovable, loves children and other pets, enjoys being brushed and groomed.. is a quiet but joyful little guy,   he is not fragile as some of ours are- we are estimating him to be close to 9 pounds when grown..
below is PIPPA,  she was born 4/16, she is ckc registered with no restrictions at 1800 but akc is available for an additional fee....Pippa has the nice squared off face and beautiful eyes...  she knows she is cute... she is the carrier to liver, black, black and white, and white chocolate..  she is turning into a beautiful girl.. she is one that her price is sure to go up as she matures some,  we have found no imperfections in this beautiful girl...  she is calm and loving but rough and tumble with the other pups...  
below we have BOUNCY   she was born 4/26 and has the most beautiful hair of all of our puppies right now, it is very thick yet very silky, unusual for this age, (her sister PRADA is the same way) their dad is one of our little show dogs and his hair is thick and fluffy..  BOUNCY has the liver nose and the light eyes, she is sweet and a very calm nature..  she will be listed with the ckc registration at 2000 but akc is available for an additional fee -don't let the mismatch on her stash fool you, this one is going to be a beauty...and comes from great lines..  mom is Harley our tiny 6 pound solid chocolate girl, and dad is a tiny chocolate and white like the girls...  
the little sister is PRADA,  she has the same beautiful coat that her sister has,  she is going to be a very unique girl, she has a lot of promise, she is my daughters favorite for  possible show prospect, and if she matures as we think she will, she will be a keeper... adorable..
PRADA is listed at 2500 
below is JASMINE she has no imperfections  that we have found, she is a sweet and loving little girl, she will be offered at 1500 with the ckc but akc is available for an additional fee.  she was born on 4/18 and had her first shots, doing well with potty training... she is eager to please... 
RAFA is the cream of the crop, he is perfect in everyway, he is the deep dark chocolate color, has the tiny features and nice flat face, he is a dream come true for little shihtzus..  he is  listed at 2500 and as history with these two parents has proved in the past these boys will be awesome..... (he is one that we would retain for breeding purposes) ADORABLE! rafa is charting to be 5-6 pounds although he does tend to over eat.. but he has the short little legs and cobby body,  he is a sassy little thing, no bigger than a minute but he thinks he is a german shepard...  he is more outgoing than all of our other puppies.. he has personality PLUS  
this is ROSIE (Named after her sister that went to the Netherlands  from last years litter,) she was born 4/13 and is a little doll, she does however have the slight umbilical hernia from being born breach and some over eating...she does like her food..   she is listed at 2,000 CKC and is a gorgeous and loving little girl..  AKC is available for an additional fee... same beautiful face as her sister "Farrah" listed above with just less issues..  both are small and adorable girls..
this is RANGER  he was born on 4/26 
both of his parents are the dark chocolate and white just like him and his sister (listed below)  ranger is flawless so far...  we keep looking for something that might be wrong with him but he just keeps passing all of our test we put them through...  he is very quiet and laid back -- he is the true lap puppy...  he has the tiny chocolate nose and the light green twinkling eyes.  he is ADORABLE!!!  RANGER is listed with ckc for 1500. but akc is available for an additional fee..
this is ROXY (rangers sister) she is much more outgoing than he is..  she tries to drag him around by his tail or his ears, very playful and happy girl, she too was born on 4/26 and is the dark chocolate and white girl..  she is pretty adorable but really hard to photograph because she is so active..  makes for very blurry pictures..  we will try again in a few days...she is listed at 1200. with the ckc registration, and akc is available for an additional fee..
below we have FARRAH.  she is our most fragile one at this time, and we do not recommend her for breeding or small children...  most of her issues she could grow out of with time, but she needs to be treated like a baby until she does..  she was born on 4/13 and has had her first shots and is ready for new home if she wont be left a lone for long periods of time...3-4 hours at a time should be fine...  she has the very tiny nose and her nostrils are pinched which causes her to sometimes breath through her mouth, but it too can open up as her head and neck get bigger (her trachea is not smashed) it is just her nostrils are extremely small...  she also has the slight umbilical belly button which has not completely closed up yet...  with all of that being said we have listed her at 1500 instead of the 2000 that her sister rosie is listed at...  she is adorable, and very sweet natured.. quiet and loving but does not know she is a tiny one, she has big attitude  she is an ornery little thing!!
on hold for marilyn
pippa has turned into a beautiful young lady, she is well mannered, loving and fun to be with...  she loves her bath time and grooming sessions...  she loves to be held while watching tv and getting brushed on..  eager to please and a wonderful dark chocolate girl..  very thick fluffy hair..  if she is one you are thinking about, hit the paypal button on top of page for her 200. deposit.  we don't get many of this quality, she is one we would definitely recommend for breeding, she has it all in one package.. shipping is available for 350 until she is 12 weeks old then goes to 400
below is another very gorgeous dark chocolate boy  WE CALL HIM LOGAN.. he was born on 4/18 and is a wonderful and sweet boy, he is listed with the ckc registration for 1500 but akc is available for an additional fee..  he is pretty adorable, easy going and eager to please.
logan has beautiful green eyes and a perfect brown button nose...
bright green eyes but they don't photograph well..
roxy is a much more beautiful girl in person but is just not photogenic..  she is not a tiny girl, she is big and solid...  but a charmer in person...  very friendly happy girl..  perfect size for children and easy to train..  she is eager to please and  a sweet girl